Founder and CEO


Leah currently acts as the CEO/Founder of Recruit With Care and plays a key role in executive hiring for the business.

Leah is a Nashville native with a true passion for connecting others and engaging in meaningful conversations. To say Leah is energized by people would be an understatement. You would be hard pressed to find someone in Nashville who isn’t directly familiar with Leah or who hasn’t benefited from her advice/guidance at some point.

With a true passion for people and business, Leah started her career in Human Resources while in college and found her calling shortly after within the Healthcare industry. Her entire career has been focused in the healthcare space executing a wide variety of challenging searches.

Leah has over 16 year of recruiting experience for several fortune 100 companies. She has a diverse background in several different areas of HR but recruiting is her true passion.

Partnering with Leah is easy, she gets HR, loves people, and is energized by the most difficult searches. She loves when her clients say “We have hit a wall and we need your help!” and she/team are able to execute the difficult search. She believes we only become better recruiters in the low moments where we feel like we have exhausted all our efforts and we keep pushing forward to find the exact talent we are looking for.

In Leah’s personal life, she enjoys spending time with her three children and checking out new restaurants around town with her husband and traveling!