Executive Assistant and Talent Search Partner

Hannah Speck

Hannah joined RWC in 2022 and has already made a huge impact keeping us all organized and helping source talent at all levels.

Hannah graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and continued her education at Belmont University, graduating with her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2020. Her background in mental health includes her counseling internship, where she worked mainly with children and teens, and her experience at a neurofeedback clinic as both a technician and clinical coordinator. After a few years in the mental health field, she decided to shift her career and continue working in the healthcare industry in a position where she could still connect with others and use the skills she learned in her previous experiences. She has enjoyed serving in her current role at RWC and is excited to keep learning from her team members and contributing to the search for excellent candidates.

Outside of work, Hannah loves spending time with her family and friends, whether that’s visiting her hometown in Texas or going to concerts and other fun events in Nashville. She also enjoys hanging out with her dog, Phoebe, and finding new places around town to take her on walks!